‘The Palmer Clan’

If you are lucky enough to travel to the sunshine state
And prefer a super size meal on a spotless plate
Then travel due west along Highway 192
And a special surprise is just waiting for you

We are the Palmer Clan – a family of nine
And we found food at the Ponderosa ‘Mighty Fine’
Whenever we eat there, during the day or at night
There was always someone to make things just right

Loretta, John, Jim and in fact all the rest
Work so hard to make you feel like a special guest
With their friendly manner and a welcoming smile
They beat all other dining houses my many a mile

We hope that we’ve managed to get you in a holiday mood
And let you know where there’s good company and food
We must tell you that the Palmer Clan look forward to ‘99
And there’s no prizes for guessing where we’ll all dine

With grateful thanks to all the staff at PONDEROSA (by marker 5, Highway 192)
from Margie & Arthur Palmer, Linda, Peter, Kirk & Lisa Russell, Tina, Gary & Scott Jackson A.K.A. ‘The Palmer Clan’

Derrick + Team

Arrived from England not knowing what to do
We found the Ponderosa on the 192

We tried various others but the Ponderosa is the best yet

We really look forward to seeing Janette with our 10% deduction taken from our bill
We know it’s real value and we can have our fill

The food is just great we all agree
This message comes from Brenda, Brenda, Doug and me

The service is really fine and dandy
We really can recommend Patricia and Randy

Thank you Ponderosa for food so fine
We would recommend you any time

Derrick + Team

Party of “9″ from England

We went to ponderosa for a meal
And met a guy who was ideal
He smiled, he joked, his name was Andy
He told us where to go, which was very handy.
The nicest guy you ‘d ever wish to meet
We all wished he lived on our street.

So many restaurants to choose from every night
But Andy’s service was pure delight.
Not once, not twice, but we visited 3 times a week
Because his service was unique.
More tea, more coffee, kids any more coke
He even had time for a joke.

French fries, wrong order. we were so much trouble
But Andy had it sorted out, on the double.
The Ponderosa was the best because of Andy
Quick service, smile, wit, he was just dandy.
The service we got was a real treat
We all think no one else can beat

for the red carpet treatment
Party of “9″ from England.